Speeding up the process

In view of the short amount of time available, just 38 months, from day one the most important task was to speed up execution of the project and completion of the ambitious new museum building. With this in mind, we took on all of the tasks of a building contractor for the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, including the risk of exceeding the agreed investment costs.

  • Developing the implementation model in consultation with the Foundation and the municipality.
  • Determining the work to be performed and calculating the total costs.
  • Selecting the financial institutes and agreeing the conditions for temporary financing.
  • Monitoring the international architectural tender.
  • Reviewing the drafts submitted, including assessment with regard to implementing the project within the budget.
  • Selecting a suitable project controller, architects, specialist planners and construction supervisor.
  • Selecting the companies to perform the services, taking into consideration their capacities, flexibility, years of experience and commitment in order to implement the project within the agreed time frame.
  • Drafting the contracts with the companies responsible for planning and for performing the work.
  • Drafting and signing contracts for servicing and maintenance of the structural facilities and technical equipment.
  • Drafting and signing lease agreements for the museum bookshop, restaurant, bistro and underground car park.
  • Cost accounting and documentation of all relevant project costs.
  • Acceptance of construction work.
  • Optimising the operating costs for the municipality during the museum’s start-up phase.
  • Organising and executing facility management services.
  • Handing over the building to the municipality.

Within the tasks of a building contractor in such a project, communication based on mutual trust between the sponsor, the municipality (including its authorities), the museum administrators, the residents and the public is particularly important. In all phases, this requires much skill, flair and time.

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26.06.2019 - 15:26